How to Listen


How to listen to the station

Radio station websites are usually just convenient place holders to locate a stream button and this site is really no different.  It’s an easy place to allow you to listen to our music mix however there are also different streams available for those who are prepared to dig around as we chose a simple approach where the “Start Listening” link would provide you with our best quality stream (320k MP3) and usually the most compatible stream.  We also have two additional streams available and the screenshot below shows how to find those.

If you also click on the Now Playing artwork it will take you to a more detailed information page which contains the stream links should you wish to use them in your favourite software or indeed hardware players.

Select a different stream
Select a different stream from the list shown

Away from the website most people who listen to radio stations via the internet rely on databases or aggregator lists that come with software or hardware players.  We appear on a few of those lists but not all.  There are so many and they are all of dubious quality and are often used as a source of clicks to get advertising revenue.  That said, there are some pretty decent listings.

TuneIn Radio

Get Me Radio

We have an App for the station that also allows access to our live video streams across the Shetland Islands.  You can find these from the Apple or Google Play stores.

60 North Radio in the Apple App Store

60 North Radio in the Google Play Store

There are also a couple of apps that we really do like and happy to list those here too as these are CarPlay compatible and work well in the mobile environments. Receiver App is our favourite and the small cost is well worth it.  Desktop versions too.

Receiver from MAMP GmbH

We manage and maintain our own audio workflow so that everything from the studio to the edge servers delivering the streams are owned by the station.  Our bandwidth is not shared and we monitor the network performance as no one likes music streams that stop and start. 

We operate two CDN networks that will gradually merge over time as we build out new locations and upgrade our infrastructure.  

All our streams are available in “http” and “https” as Google forced these changes on stations for access via browsers.  

For most 3rd party software and hardware players you need only use the “http” links.


check - 320k MP3

check - 256k AAC

check - 48k AAC


The FLAC stream is bandwidth intensive and unless you are using a pair of studio quality headphones and/or playing on specialised audiophile hardware it really is overkill.  The stream also exposes our source material as not all our libraries are 100% uncompressed audio formats and likely never will be such is the nature of the station format of Genres & Generations.

Our 320k MP3 and 256k AAC streams use high end encoder chains and we think they are as good as we can get for the bitrate.  If you are using the station for background music on a low quality internet connection then much effort has gone into making the 48k AAC stream as good as possible.

Our global CDN locations currently include London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, São Paulo and generally you will receive the stream from the location closest to you. 

Currently (June 2024) there are significant issues with capacity, increased latency and poor reliability due to the ongoing subsea cable damage in the Red Sea.  With this in mind we are routing traffic from some locations to edge locations that may be further away but are more reliable and less congested.  If you, as a listener, are having issues then please just get in touch with us and we will do whatever we can to make things better.

And yes…like terrestrial stations, we process our audio chain and are proud of our sound.  If you are an ‘audiophile’ you might have something to say about that but there are times when we go back to the original CD (or indeed vinyl) and enjoy it as it was originally mastered.

When it comes to radio…we take the side for processing…but it also needs to be done well and certainly NOT in the same way that it is done for FM radio.