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New Omnia Sound

Written by on May 24, 2019

We have now installed our new Omnia audio processor. Currently this is being used for our main Studio 1 service and is sounding just great. We will be making some tweaks over the coming weeks (and probably months) just to get the best sound for the current eclectic format. So much debate surrounds the use of any audio processing for an internet radio streaming service where you no longer have the transmission limitations that plague FM and AM broadcasting. That said, 60 North Radio has made a choice to continue using one of the best audio processing products on the market in our audio chain.

The current exception is Tom’s Beatcroft Social show….well the visual element that is. The primary radio stream remains the same however my studio engineer, Iain Waddell, just wont allow the Omnia on Tom’s live visual radio show and I tend to agree. Iain has spent ages getting Tom to sound as good as possible from his home studio and it all works well.

We started off with Tom’s show having a live video feed from Tom’s studio however the current network link is just not good enough to sustain video without glitches however will will try to return to video as soon as we can improve the communications links. As a result the video and audio take a different, lower latency, workflow and Iain is very much in control over the entire audio path.

Once we get Studio 1 sorted we will move to improving the output of Studio 2 which is currently not being processed and as a result will sound a little weak when switching…but its mainly Shetlandic fiddles which really do not need any serious intervention other than some audio normalisation 🙂

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