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For the last year or so we have been experimenting with our FLAC HD audio streams.

We used to provide the stream link for some audio enthusiasts and then we would see the test url shared on various online forums.  As this was experimental there were no guarantees but we have kept it online without too many outages.  It was always on our R&D server and it was never intended to be mainstream.  Our other streams sound pretty good and these are delivered on robust network infrastructure but as we have seen the FLAC stream become more popular the time has come to deliver this stream in the same way as our other streams.

From today, 18th June 2024, we are providing a new url for our highest quality stream and it will be delivered from a number of key locations based on the current listener profiles.  This is an independent network so in a strange way the FLAC stream will provide additional resilience to the main streams.

Our locations are London, Seattle, Tokyo and Sydney and we may add more depending on your feedback as listeners.

The stream link you need is

If you use Google Chrome browser then the link above will work and play the FLAC stream.  It is a great way to start but we do recommend that a dedicated player such as VLC would be our preferred way to listen.  In addition in VLC you do not need to use the HTTPS link – use to display the Now Playing track information.

The FLAC stream is indeed HD radio however it will also expose our source material too.  We have spent months converting our libraries to FLAC and WAV format but we still have massive libraries of material recorded in lower quality formats.  In general you will hear the flaws but at the same time this is a station that provides and eclectic mix spanning many genres and generations to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

This audio stream is bandwidth intensive so please let us know how it works for you, where you are and if we can help make it better in your listening location we will certainly try.

We have provided this stream for those who love music and love music streamed in high quality but in return for our efforts we simply have one ask of you as a listener….use high quality headphones and immerse yourself in our music for an hour each day 🙂



Written by: Andy Steven

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