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Written by on June 7, 2020

Saturday 6th June 2020 was the start of an experiment on the station. For some time we have had some discussion over how to create a community radio but not in the standard format. The community would be people with a passion for music and the station’s eclectic format lends itself to some flexibility which allows for intrigue and inspiration with the world as the potential canvas.

There are two primary routes to being part of the Transmission Takeover experiment. Both would end up with 1 hour show curated by you.

The first one is by producing your own show either yourself as a finished product ready for transmission or by sending in a playlist and then recording the ‘links’ or ‘voice tracks’ that are used to introduce the music. We would then produce this in the studio ready for transmission.

The second, and probably the easiest, is to put together a playlist and only record an introduction clip which says something about you, your location and even a dedication prior to the playlist starting. It would then be a back-to-back professionally segued music mix with no interruptions. At the end we let you say thanks and goodbye in your own words. That’s it – simple.

Use any smartphone to record your audio – it can be as rough or as polished as you want.

English is optional. We have many listeners across the world and for them English may not be their native language so if you want to do your ‘intro’ and ‘outro’ in your own language then that is absolutely fine with us – the music breaks down any potential barriers to language.

English is also optional for the music you wish to play. Introduce us to local musicians, singer-songwriters and bands that you feel would work well on the station’s eclectic format.

Currently we are allocating Saturday evening from 9pm until 2am on Sunday morning for Transmission Takeover but it will be flexible to deal with the content we have available and how all the shows work together. If we have no content we may revert to some repeats but the plan is to keep it all fresh with the archives being used to Listen Again to something that has already been broadcast.

Priority will always be given to those who to a voice-tracked show. This was demonstrated on Saturday night as I wanted to launch with both options. Clive Munro provided voice tracks and a playlist and this was put together in the studio so he was broadcast immediately after the Beatcroft Social at 9pm (you could call this a prime time slot) but internet radio does not quite work like traditional FM and AM broadcast radio as our audience spans many time zones. We also allocate a dedicated show page on the station website for those who are doing a regular voice-tracked or finished show.

As Station Manager I am always seeking new music to our currently library and music presented via the Transmission Takeover is exciting as it allows the station’s core playlists to be enhanced through new music suggested through your own music choices. As I write this post I have added 15 new tracks from Clive, Gaby and Graham’s musical inspiration.

You might find generating your playlist is easier done in one of the many online streaming platforms as you can see the timing and move things about. Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and Apple Music are all formats we can read so sending the link will avoid you having to then transfer the playlist to another document/email. However you set about creating your choice of music at the end of the day a simple list is good enough but keep a note of the track times and a pointer to the Album is welcome to make the searches easier in the studio.

If we do not have a track in our library then we reserve the right to make our own suggestion or ask you to come up with another option so this is why sending us around 70 minutes of music gives us some wiggle room.

We can guarantee that your evening will just disappear as choosing an hour of music for music lovers is one of the hardest things you will do.

You can hear the first of these listener contributed playlist shows from our Listen Again — Transmission Takeover link.

So give it a go… if you like it… do it again…

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