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One of the many questions we get is from people who have internet radio players where they manually enter the streaming “url” or location. Most smart speakers or apps rely on looking up 3rd party databases to find the station details and the present the station to the listener with very little, if any, intervention by the listener. This is the ideal world that this station is always striving to achieve however recently platforms like Apple and TuneIn have stopped accepting new stations and/or allowing existing stations to update their streaming links.

The current links are listed below and valid 1st Jan 2020. Please contact us by email for the best stream for your internet radio player.

320k MP3

256k AAC

48k AAC

This development streaming server is provided purely for those who want to experiment with our alternative streams and is not part of our global CDN. It is provided on a ‘best endeavour’ basis and uptime is not guaranteed. Capacity and stream sessions are limited and we do not monitor availability or capacity.

If you would like to use our stream as a sustaining service then please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements as we do offer clean feeds, full bandwidth streaming and unprocessed audio.

60 North Radio has this year rebuilt its entire streaming platform and as a result we may no longer be listed in a way that the smart speakers can easily locate. Over time this will be resolved however we have decided to make our alternative streams available via this page so if you know what you are doing you can use this (or potentially adapt) listing to get the best stream for your listening pleasure. As an example if you are wanting to conserve your mobile data plan then use the 48k stream as we are proud of how well this stream sounds at such a low bitrate.

We made a decision to only stream at 256-320k from the outset as we wanted this station to sound as close as possible to how it sounded in the studio. The internet makes this possible and the audio stream is as transparent as we can achieve for the trade-off between bandwidth and quality. Admittedly it is all down to the original source material and often revisit the migration from compressed to uncompressed formats as these days there should be no excuse for playing out compressed source material when storage has become so affordable.

Let us know what you use to listen to us and if you consider yourself an audiophile then send us some pictures of your setup along with your location and also what you think of our signature sound.

If you are a bedroom DJ or just interested in setting up a streaming server for testing we can provide free Icecast or Shoutcast servers for up to 30 days. Get in touch and let’s get you online.